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Landslide Monitoring

In order to surveying the evolution of landslide movements which occur on railway station, an acquisition system made by different kind of geological and meteorological sensors such as Deformeter, Biaxial Clinometer, Load Cell, Flowmeter, Piezometer, Rain Gauge, etc. This kind of system allows to alert in real time the staff arranged for surveying, suddenly warning about every little movement of landslide.
The accurate data sent by each sensors are collected by a data logger, equipped with an “ad hoc” software properly developed for landslide monitoring.
The devices placed “in foro” are the ones useful to detect the movement for in depth landslide, and such devices could be bi-axial Clinometer and Piezometer. Instead, in order to monitoring the movements induced on the retaining wall some other kind of sensors are used, such as deformeter and load cell.
The management software is able to detect the “Landslide Alarm” condition, comparing the instantaneous measurement to the historical referring measurement. The “Landslide Alarm” logic provides for at least 3 measures (it doesn’t matter if they belong or not to the same well) must overtake for 2 consecutive cycles the minimum alarm threshold (with a proper sign = moving of the measurement in the same direction) in order to endorse the state of “Landslide alarm”.
In such a similar way the measures coming from Deformeters and load cells are analyzed in order to detect any possible movement of retaining wall.
When the threshold overtaking occurs, a variety of signals and warnings are activated and the commands for the Emergency Management.
In the regular condition, the system is able to acquire the historical values useful for geologists apt to control and to study the slow evolution of the phenomena, so that they can create the polar graphics of the clinometer deformation of each single well and, consequently, the can set the “slow Alarm Threshold” in order to be warn by Text Message in case of reaching some given control values.
The system is equipped with a variety of control devices for its own reliability and operation continuity, being constantly connected with some other equipments, placed in the local railway station and the remote placements, with which it continuously swap messages due to the monitoring of the functioning (watch-dog) and the control over the data transmission lines.