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Meteo-Nivological Monitoring

Among the projects SIAP+MICROS has completed successfully there is the provision of a meteo-nivological monitoring system for avalanches prevention and forecasting to be installed over than 3000m of altitude.
The system consists of meteonivological stations, radio links and data elaboration centre for monitoring and data collection.
The meteorological sensors provided allow the detection of various environmental parameters such as precipitation, atmospheric pressure, air temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, height and stratified snow temperature (nivometric pole).
Electronic equipment is protected from atmospheric discharges through an appropriate lightning rod.
The stations include both the redundancy of the power system, that can be supplied by solar panel (with battery) and through the common electrical network, and of the communication means toward the control center. The equipment allows the transfer of data through the following ways:
- Wire (Ethernet and / or serial)
- UHF radio
- Modem (both GSM and GPRS)
- Satellite modem
Among the devices connected to the station there is a low energy consumption camera for the supervision of the operating environment.
The Data Processing Centre allows the storage on database of the acquired values and to display, through an easy to understand synoptic interface, of the present values and the graphic representation of historical data.
The supply, equipped by detailed multimedia documentation (video and manuals) allows the possibility, even by unskilled persons (but with minimal technical training), to perform the installation, use and maintenance of the system.