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Remote Control of City Waterwork

PompeThe EDP – Electronic Data Processing of the tele-monitoring system is placed in the integrated hydric service office in one of the most important city in the Northern part of Italy.
This system made by SIAP+MICROS, through connection via ADSL digital line, via analogic dial-up and via GSM, allows to monitor all the water works plants, meteorological stations and spillway system present in the drainage system and on the main canal of the city. Concerning the reservoirs, tele-monitoring allows to keep the best water level starting or stopping the electro-pumps present in the lifting stations, or in the well, according to the needs of urban waterwork.
By opening or closing some motorized valves, present in the well, they allow emptying the well itself on remote.
Tele-monitoring system allows, in real time, to record and to storage the data in a data base; these data come from analog reading, made by flow meter, by pressure sensor, by groundwater and reservoir level, in addition to multiparameter probes which are able to get the chemical-physical parameters such as temperature, pH and electricity conductivity of water.
Sinottico LivelliMoreover, the system allows to take under control the level in main trunk of drainage system, and, closing or opening a wicket, it’s possible to empty in the contiguous canal the redundant flow, without creating problems to the reservoir itself. A motorized wicket, installed in the sad trap placed at the beginning of the canal, by water level meter at the entrance and at the exit of the canal itself, and by some commands in remote, it guarantees to keep water level in the canal always with a constant flow even in case of rain, deflecting in the contiguous torrent the redundant flow. The tele-monitoring system, at the end, allows to communicate, in a very smart way, the possible anomalies on the plant described above, via SMS sent to 24/24 available person’s mobile phones.
For tele-monitoring of this city, Siap+Micros developed an integrated system for management and automation, which starts not only from the management of the pumping system and level lecturing, but also from a water quality control ( nowadays that the transparency towards the final user is so important) as well as from the drainage system level and precipitation trend.
Sinottico GeneraleFor these reasons, SIAP+MICROS looked after the whole tele-monitoring system, including the acquisition system, management software, web consultation of data and customization of synoptic management, which is the key point of Automation management. Synoptics are developed with an innovative way, totally open toward the Customer, with a Script Basic program created inside the company. This Siap+Micros’ choice said “open code” - for the automation – allows a flexible management by the side of the Customer, such as a possible evolution and improving of new synoptics and , then, a great value added. Even the automation algorithm are totally “open code”, that means they are changeable as time goes by.