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Monitoring of river water Quality

The service supplied by SIAP+MICROS foresees the provision (renting) of continuous measurement instruments for chemical and physical parameters of Arno River’s water, for a period of 5 years long from June 1st to September 30th of each year. The instruments belongs to SIAP+MICROS, in order not to charge the customer of any cost for fault or maintenance during the monitoring period, done over a total amount of 4 stations placed along the path of the river itself.
Galleggiante in Acqua The monitorized parameters are:
- Water Temperature
- Water Level
- Conductivity
- Redox
- PH
- Turbidity
- Dissolved Oxygen
SIAP+MICROS provides to water monitoring through the placement of a multiparamenter probes directly into the river water, by some proper devices designed for the different places.
The installation of multiparameter probe is equipped with some proper mechanical instruments, suitable to make the maintenance activity (cleaning and calibrating) necessary for the particular condition of the Arno River’s water.
The SIAP+MICROS’s SMP7 Multiparameter probe is equipped with a specific optical sensor for the measurement of dissolved oxygen.
Sistema a Galleggiante Provided probes are connected, with a serial link, to an acquisition system (data logger) called DA7010, which manage the probe configuration and data measured by the probe itself. Data logger is also equipped with a Memory Card for local data recording, avoiding data loss even in case of anomaly of communication system to the central room. The system is provided with a self-diagnostic function and alarm, in order to prevent data loss situation.
Data transmission to Operational Regional Centre is made by GPRS connection with FTP service. The SIM card suitable for this kid of service are provided by SIAP+MICROS.
The supplied service also foresees the ordinary and precautionary maintenance, corrective maintenance, consumer products and spare parts and grass mowing in the pertinence area.
Those activities are done during all the contract period long, and the same for the activity for starting up the measurement system at the beginning of the measurement season and for the putting on and for bedding out at the end of the season itself.