INRIM inaugurates the first Italian Reference Climatological Station, a SIAP+MICROS’ technology-based system.

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On 28 September 2023, during the internationally important event organized in Turin by INRiM (National Institute of Metrological Research) and called MMC – Metrology for Meteorology and Climate, the “first Italian reference climatological station was inaugurated, managed by INRiM together to the Italian Meteorological Society and hosted in the Stupinigi park”, as can be seen from the organisation’s website. It is a source of great pride for SIAP+MICROS to have been chosen as a technological partner by a historic and precious institute like INRIM, as suppliers and installers of an instrument of such importance.

The researcher D.R. Andrea Merlone cut the inaugural ribbon and illustrated to all those present the details of the monitoring station located in the Municipality of Nichelino, in the presence of the local authorities and the well-known climatologist D.R. Luca Mercalli. As reported on the INRIM website, the system “will contribute to the emerging global network of top-level climate stations, interconnected with each other”.

The Siap+Micros technology monitoring system includes the data logger, power and communication systems, meteorological sensors developed by the company and third-party ones, useful for the metrological comparison for which the station is intended. Specifically, the parameters measured are: wind speed and direction, precipitation, atmospheric pressure, solar radiation, air humidity and temperature and soil temperature. With a joke, the D.R. Coppa, collaborator of D.R. Merlone compares it to “an atomic clock” to highlight the potential in terms of great precision of the system created.

The data collected in time series by the instrument will be sent by INRIM researchers to a global collection center in China and will be used in advanced models as part of the establishment of a global climate observation network established by the UN led by WMO (World Meteorological Organization).

The spirit of openness of the systems, the great determination towards innovation and the achievement of the highest technological standards, have once again been recognized at SIAP+MICROS which, since 1925, has been at the highest levels in the field of climatological monitoring and environmental.

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