The SIAP+MICROS team gets stronger to face the new market challenges

March, 7th 2023

On March 3rd, the SIAP+MICROS team invested a day in team building. Following the new hirings and the constant growth of the staff, SIAP+MICROS deemed it appropriate to dedicate a working day for the entire company to training aimed at strengthening interpersonal relationships between colleagues and improving communication flows between departments. The course was led by two high-profile and particularly motivating teachers, Riccardo Pittis (former professional basketball player) and Loris Dal Poz (established occupational psychologist), who interacted with the SIAP+MICROS team both in the classroom, focusing reflection on the values that are at the basis of “positive relationships”, which through the involvement of staff in interactive workshops to concretely experience the effectiveness of teamwork. Enthusiasm and joy were the leitmotif of the day and all the participants rejoiced at the possibility of benefiting from training moments like this, in which the value of the group is considerably strengthened.

Proud to be SIAP+MICROS

Siap+Micros Team at Ca’ Milone

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