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e020 MicroDA

Data acquisition and telemetry system

MicroDA is a compact acquisition unit for environmental and meteo-climate monitoring stations, and it can directly manage at the same time weather sensors, analyzers, chemical-physical probes and other devices thanks to its analog, digital and pulse electrical outputs. Its main feautures are the ease of use and configuration, as well as the efficiency of data management. It is at the same time a very versatile device, being MicroDA a very perfomant and suitable datalogger for every kind of meteorological application. It has been designed to match the most various needs of data acquisition, processing and transmission, from the simplest ones related to single weather stations, to the most complex concerning monitoring networks managed by remote control centers. The very low power consumption represents another relevant outstanding feature, making it particularly suitable for applications in harsh environments with reduced insolation. Furthermore, an open source FreeRTOS operating system makes the device very easy to programme. MicroDA is extremely compact and terminal blocks are incorporated in a single element, allowing all the sensors connections to be very easy to handle, along with the power supply battery charger. The display is equipped with a Joystick to facilitate the data acquisition management. MicroDA can be provided also in the LTE version (UMTS/LTE modem incorporated), thus reducing the energy consumption and at the same time offering a more affordable device, being the two products integrated in a single one. It is possible to connect additional communication devices such as UHF radios, satellite or short-range radios in free band, and this option is available for both versions of MicroDA.

Processor CPU ARM Cortex M4 (32 bit) 80Mhz
Operating system FreeRTOS
1 MB Flash (internal)
128 KB SRAM (internal)
16MB Flash memory (internal) for configuration and data storage
Additional memory
μSD extra memory for data storage (typical 4Gbyte)
Two 20x2 LCD alphanumeric lines with control joystick 
Communication ports n.1 RS232/RS485
n.1 RS232
n.1 RS485
n.1 SDI-12
n.1 microUSB Slave
Consumption (typical) 2mA@12V
Working temperature -40 ÷ 80 °C

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