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e158 ANYLogg

Data acquisition and transmission system

Description: The communication and acquisition system ANYlogg is designed by SIAP+MICROS as low cost and compact acquisition/communication device to be associated with serial interface of sensors or systems.
Depending on the application it can be housed in different boxes, with or without integrated power supply battery. In any case the device can be programed for different acquisition  and transition frequency, with different protocol as FTP, HTTP, SMTP (email), or through SMS messages.
ANYlogg can also be equipped with integrated GPS receiver in order to geo-reference the data, or to synchronize the internal clock.
The system has been designed to have low power consumption able to be used on systems without external power supply.

Main Product characteristics:The acquisition and communication system ANYlogg, is designed to interact with other systems and sensors with serial outputs of type RS232, RS485, RS422 and SDI-12. Its basic functions are data acquisition and communication via the public wireless network (xG). The device can be both programmed to save the data exchanged on the serial ports, and programmed for interfacing with systems or smart sensors previous documentation availability or using standard protocols (Ex. MODBUS). The device is able to supply (ON/OFF) at 5 or 12 Vdc external devices. ANYlogg has two digital inputs to which can be connected a sensor with pulse output (Ex .: rain gauge), or programed to supply functions depending on digital input state. The device is also equipped with two digital outputs for interfacing with other external devices.

Power supply 4÷32 Vdc – max 4 A
Current consumption in shut-down < 500 µA
Stabilized power supply for external devices configurable 5 Vdc (max. 400mA) or 12Vdc (max. 150mA)
Unique interface connector
Internal RTC with lithium battery
SIM CARD slot or, alternatively, SIM On.Chip -integrated
LED signaling proper power supply, network coverage and call status
2 digital inputs with internal pull-up (20kΩ) at 3V for contact or open-drain circuits with integrated ESD protection
2 OPEN DRAIN output 500mA 24V
Communication bus shared used as RS232 (RX, TX, DTR)
Communication bus dedicated SDI-12 for interfacing with external sensors
Watchdog internal hardware
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