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Meteorology and Hydrology

SIAP+MICROS’ manufactured sensors are designed and manufactured thanks to the big and long experience of the Company, present in the market since 1925, with standard according to product warranty.

The common features of each sensor manufactured by SIAP+MICROS are:
  1. Compliant to WMO standards (World Meteorologica Organization);
  2. A body manufactured by robust materials and resistant to atmospheric agent, such as ABS and/or Alluminum;
  3. Compliant to rule for electro-magnetic compatibility (2008/104/CE).

Sensors are available with many different normalized output such as Natural, 4÷20mA, 0÷2V and/or RS485, compatible with the majority of the devices present in the market.


Sensors of temperature with PT100 sensing element. They are available in different versions depending on the needs.


Sensors for Relative air Humidity monitoring. Versions for interior and external environments (with UV protection screens) are available.

Combined Temperature and Humidity

Sensors for Air Temperature and Relative Humidity monitoring, combined into a single body. Versions for interior and external environments (with UV protection...

Precipitation and Atmospheric Sedimentation

Instruments for rainfall or generally for the atmospheric precipitation measurement. They are available in different features according to the needs of...


Sensor for Wind Direction, Wind speed, separated or combined in an unique sensor. The heated version can be used in the...

Atmospheric Pressure

Precision and reliable electronic barometers with analog and digital output proportional to the atmospheric pressure detected.

Hydrometric and Snow Level

Monitoring sensors for level of hydric bodies such as sea, river, basin, or in general water bodies and of snow level on a specific surface. ...

Solar Radiation

Sensors for measurement and detection of the different characteristics of the solar radiation. Measurement of the...

Wet Leaf and Rain Presence Transducer

Sensors for reporting the presence of rainfall or of humidity on the simulated leaf surface. Really useful in monitoring application in Agricultural and...

Brackets and Masts

To support our equipment, we design and supply brackets and support poles suitable for any kind of particular need for environmental monitoring station. ...


10 May 2022 Baptism of the sea for the new buoy of the Italian national wave network (RON)

The new RON buoy during a Bora storm Less than a month after the launch of the eighth buoy of the National Wave Network, a strong Bora (the Adriatic n...

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11 April 2022 Siap+Micros in support of a new scientific project of ‚Äč‚ÄčIspra and Ismar-CNR

The new buoy and the CNR platform The update of the national wave network (RON) which, in 2020, was only a project (we had written about it in a previ...

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6 April 2022 Partnership with Teconer Oy for road safety

Optical surface sensor Siap+Micros has signed an agreement with Teconer Oy (Finland) aimed to integrate the proven technologies of non contact road su...

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