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Hydrometric and Snow Level

Monitoring sensors for level of hydric bodies such as sea, river, basin, or in general water bodies and of snow level on a specific surface.

Manufactured with different technologies (visual as the staff gauge, ultrasonic, piezometric, pressure, etc) cover the most common needs in the hydric level monitoring, such in application of prevention or alert in the situation with flooding risk, overflowing, sea storm or avalanche risk.

t019 TEVAP

TEVAP is a A Class evaporimeter specifically designed to be compliant with WMO standards, and it represents one of the most useful sensor in agrometeorology to investigate the level of...

t021 TLU

Water level monitoring is the basis of the assessment of hydrological risks and the management of the water resource. TLU ultrasonic hydrometric sensor represents an effective, affordable and...


The Siap+Micros ASTAID staff gauge is made in aluminum alloy and fired painted with high contrast colors in order to allow a very good visibility of the graduated scale and values also from very long...

t023 TNU

TNU sensors capture snow level up to either 4 or 8 meters, according to the model in use (TNU04, TNU08). Functioning system is related to the emission of short ultrasonic frequency pulses...

t030 TLR

The radar technology of TLR-level sensors is the most suitable solution for applications requiring high precision standards of measurement, as it guarantees high performances in terms of accuracy and...


Description: The t060a-WF flow meter is equipped with radar transducer for accurate measurements of surface velocity and for distance between the sensor...


Measure principle: A conventional float system drives an absolute shaft encoder with digital output in Gray code(25 bits). A microprocessor based electronic module provides different...

t042 TLP

TLP sensor represents a reliable solution for what concerns the high-precision water level monitoring technologies. A stainless steel structure makes the sensor watertight up...


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