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p027 PALV

Layered Snow Temperature Transducer

Measure principle: The sensing element is based on a Pt100 Platinum resistance with response curve agree Class 1/3 DIN 43760 standard.
Intelligent sensor: The transducer belongs to the intelligent sensor family as based on a micro-processor chip that execute among other functions: the correct control functioning, data pre-processing, electrical signal A/D conversion etc. This characteristics warranty excellent accuracy, long-term stability and high data reliability.
Housing materials and International standards: The snow temperature transducer is made up of a fiberglass mast without irregularity with diameter base 127mm, upper diameter 60mm and 14 temperature probes. The temperature probes are equidistant positioned. The first is on 20 cm from the ground level and the others are every 20 cm. The temperature probes are PT100 type resinated into a plastic thermally conductive cylinder box mast screwed. In this way maintenance and repair are very easy.
Range -30 ÷ +60 °C
Sensitivity 0,03 °C
Accuracy DIN47360 Classe 1/3 (ver. TTA-N)
±0,1 °C (TTA-I/V/S)
Transducer Termoresistance Pt100 DIN47360
Working temperatura -30 ÷ +60 °C
Distance between each probe (the first from the ground) 20 cm


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