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t019 TEVAP


TEVAP is a A Class evaporimeter specifically designed to be compliant with WMO standards, and it represents one of the most useful sensor in agrometeorology to investigate the level of evapotranspiration in a specific area. Basically, TEVAP is composed of a sturdy stainless steel pan, in which a piezometer is submerged, measuring the variation of water level in the pan due to external environmental conditions. A wood thank placed at the bottom of the pan allows to isolate the evaporimeter from the ground, in such a way as to avoid that the measurement might be affected by the transmission of soil heat and moisture. The whole system is very performant, ensuring high standards of accuracy and resolution also for little variations of water level. The sensing element indeed has been thoroughly designed to detect really small changes in the measurement.
It is composed of a ceramic cell, and the output value of pressure is given by a polynomial compensation of the atmospheric pressure. The sensor is equipped with digital output on serial RS485 port, and analog output as well (on current 4-20 mA).
TEVAP is supplied with power and signal cable (12 m).
Range 0 ÷ 30 mBar
Typical error ± 0,1 % (full scale)
Transducer Ceramic measuring cell
Working temperature 0 ÷ 80 °C
Output 4÷20 mA and RS485-Modbus

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