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Staff Gauge

The Siap+Micros ASTAID staff gauge is made in aluminum alloy and fired painted with high contrast colors in order to allow a very good visibility of the graduated scale and values also from very long distance.

ASTAID has a modular structure; each module is 1 meter long, with figures every 10 centimeters and referenced mark every centimeter. For single meter indication the staff gauge can be supplied with a small plate with the arranged measure wrote on.

It is possible to put the staff gauge in vertical position using an aluminum support frame that allows to fixs it also on a not perfectly smooth surface (Ex: rocking surface).

Optional available accessories are: aluminum frame support, small numbered plates with ground level information wrote on or a level value according to a reference marked measure.

The staff gauge and the numbered small plate can be fixed to the aluminum support frame by included self-tapping screws, distributed each 25 cm along the staff. The installation of the frame support is fixed by standard M8 dowels.
Transducer Visual with Graduated scale
Made in Oven-baking aluminum alloy
Accuracy 1 cm
Graduation Every 1 cm, with reference mark every 10 cm and optionally indication numbered plate every 1 meter

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