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Flow Meter

The t060a-WF flow meter is equipped with radar transducer for accurate measurements
of surface velocity and for distance between the sensor and the measuring surface. The
contactless technology allows the sensor to be quickly and easily installed above the water,
ensuring minimal maintenance.
The integrated discharge calculation module uses the two measurements together with a
pre-configured river channel geometry profile to calculate the total water discharge in real-time.
The discharge calculation module is included in the price of t060a-WF instrument.
t060a-WF flow meter is used to monitor flow velocity and water level in open channels such as
rivers and irrigation canals, and for monitoring and controlling hydropower plants and wastewater
treatment plants.
A variety of supported communication interfaces and protocols enable easy integration with existing telemetry equipment and SCADA systems.
The sensor is supplied with power and signal cable (12m).
Range up to 35 m
Sensitivity 0,3 mm
Transducer Radar
Working temperature -40 ÷ 80 °C 

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