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Sensors of temperature with PT100 sensing element. They are available in different versions depending on the needs.

t001 TTEP

TTEP has been thoroughly designed for measuring air temperature in meteorological, hydrological and airport installations, as well as for outdoor applications in general. The sensing element...

t002 TTT

TTT is a high-quality temperature sensor that has been manufactured on purpose by Siap+Micros for soil temperature measurement. It is suitable for agrometeorological applications and...

t012 TTS

TTS is a sensor which specifically allows to measure the temperature above the soil, preferably at a height of 10 cm, and it is typically used for agrometeorological monitoring. It is besides...

t020 TTA

Measure principle: The sensing element is based on a Pt100 Platinum resistance with response curve agree Class 1/3 DIN 43760 standard....


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