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t012 TTS

Soil Surface Temperature Transducer

TTS is a sensor which specifically allows to measure the temperature above the soil, preferably at a height of 10 cm, and it is typically used for agrometeorological monitoring. It is besides very versatile being suitable for many different applications, even in harsh and unfavourable environmental conditions.
The sensing element is based on a Pt100 Platinum resistance calibrated with response curve in accordance with Class 1/3 DIN 43760 standard. It has been designed in order to give very reliable performances in the long run, ensuring accurate output data.
This sensor is provided with a protective robust screen, which allows to detect the temperature without being influenced by solar radiation. The position of the sensor inside the screen prevents it from being hit by sunlight. The sensor’s body is made of high-quality plastic, the protection shield is made of ABS (a resistant plastic material and non-hygroscopic), and UV stabilized material with low thermal characteristics that ensure long-term stability.
The sensor is supplied with power and signal cable (12m).
Range -30 ÷ +60 °C
Accuracy  1/3 DIN43760 (TTS-N ver.)
±0,1 °C (TTS-I/V/S ver.)
Transducer Pt100 Thermoresistance
Working temperature -30 ÷ +60 °C

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