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t017 TBF-ZM

Leaf Wetness Transducer

TBF-ZM is a basic sensor for agrometeorology, typically used to investigate with a very high precision the persistence of water drops above the leaf surface. This indicator is fundamental to measure the residence time of water drops on the leaves, in order to identify phytopathological risks or the leaching of treatments from crops.
TBF-ZM sensing element consists of two gilded copper electrical circuits placed on glassonite plates, which are specifically tilted to simulate a real leaf. Once the surface gets wet (for rain, condensation, dew, ice, etc.), the system enters into conduction closing the electrical contact.
Sensor body is overall made of high-quality plastic, but particularly the sensing element is mounted on an anticorrosive aluminium alloy support. The protection screen is made of non-hygroscopic, UV resistant and low thermal capacity plastic material, to ensure long-term stability.
The sensor is supplied with power and signal cable (4 m).

Range ON/OFF
Resolution 1 s
Transducer Impedance variation 
Working temperature -20 ÷ +70 °C

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