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t027 TPxxx-HLM EV

Rain gauge Hellmann type, 200, 500 and 1000 cm² funnel area

Measure principle: Model t027x TPxxx-HLM sensor, is an Hellmann type sensor. It has a cylindrical body shape with a 200, 500  or 1000cm2 funnel area and is equipped with an internal plastic container (6 litres capacity ) that can be easily removed.
Measure is taken by calculating the difference between two consecutive reading of rain quantity gathered during a scheduled period of time (usually 24 hours). The duration of the period can be changed according to the aim of the measure.
It is necessary to read regularly the quantity of gathered rain, by using a graduated measuring tube. When the rain gathered is more than 6 l, the reading must be repeated untill the container is emptied.

Maintenance: it is necessary to clean periodically the cone placed in the upper part of rain gauge internal container adduction pipe and its filter, because of solid materials  (such as leaves, dust etc.) that can falling down in it.

Housing materials and International standards: The sensor body is made of anodized aluminum corrosion-proofing with stainless steel screws. The transducer is fully compliant within the WMO (World Meteorological Organization) standards.
Range (between two emptying) 150 mm (TP200-HLM)
60 mm (TP500-HLM)
30 mm (TP1K-HLM)
Conversion constant 0,05 mm/ml (TP200-HLM)
0,02 mm/ml (TP500-HLM)
0,01 mm/ml (TP1K-HLM)
Sensitivity 0,5 mm (TP200-HLM)
0,2 mm (TP500-HLM)
0,1 mm (TP1K-HLM)
Accuracy 0,1 mm (TP200-HLM)
0,04 mm (TP500-HLM)
0,02 mm (TP1K-HLM)
Working temperature 0 ÷ 70 °C


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