SIAP+MICROS successfully deals with the preventive, corrective and extraordinary maintenance of numerous environmental monitoring networks both on the national territory and beyond the Italian borders. Thanks to an extremely qualified staff, available means and the use of the most modern technologies, SIAP MICROS guarantees its customers the best performance in terms of service continuity and data availability.


SIAP+MICROS staff is able to support the installation of environmental monitoring systems in the most diverse types of sites of interest: from high-altitude installations to those dedicated to oceanographic instruments, SIAP+MICROS offers the highest quality available on the reference market, guaranteeing resistant and extremely orderly installations to its customers.


SIAP+MICROS guarantees the quality of its production process, thanks to the availability of instruments at the highest existing technological level, including a climatic chamber also equipped with an artificial light source. The company can therefore compare the indications deriving from the instruments, or the value represented by a sample, with the measurement of corresponding known values with the relative uncertainties, in order to issue the corresponding calibration certificates for its own measuring instruments.


The instrumentation repair service is offered to SIAP+MICROS customers to allow, in the shortest possible time, the feasibility assessment of the intervention and, thanks to the great preparation of the technicians and the most technologically advanced tools on the market, the eventual resolution of the problem. issue on all of the company’s production products.

Data Hosting and Pubblication

SIAP+MICROS offers its customers workspace on its servers for the publication and maintenance of data and information deriving from environmental monitoring systems installed in the field. The company guarantees the achievement of the highest levels of safety
information technology of its systems and of the information stored in them.

Long-term Rental of Equipment

All the products developed by the company are available for long-term rental with different possible methods of access and payment of fees, to be agreed with SIAP+MICROS. This possibility offered to customers by SIAP+MICROS makes it possible to guarantee always up-to-date tools available, with a reduction of worries regarding services and ancillary costs of the purchase.

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