SIAP+MICROS presented “The measurement of hydrometeorological parameters in major climatic events: the example of the Vaia event in the Piave Basin” during World Water Day..

Marc, 22nd 2023

A significant turnout and the participation of an exceptional group of experts in the sector led to an important success, on the date of World Water Day, for the Conference “Climatic risk in North-Eastern Italy and adaptation initiatives in urban and agricultural areas ”.

The Auditorium of the historic Botanical Garden of the University of Padua has in fact seen a succession of very high-profile presentations and interventions, all characterized by a very high level of information content and food for thought.

The great variety of arguments, addressed by representatives of public bodies, universities and companies, made it possible to always keep the interest of the entire audience high, also making room for discussions during the breaks scheduled for the day.

SIAP+MICROS was able to share the point of view of a company that supports the governing bodies of the territory of interest for the Study Day, with a speech entitled “The measurement of hydrometeorological parameters in major climatic events: the example of the event Vaia in the Piave Basin”.

With representative images and an easily understandable numerical treatment, it was possible to bring to the attention of the participants the exceptional nature of the extreme event that struck the Triveneto area between 26 and 30 October 2018. Considering the topic “water” as central for the Conference, the presentation focused more on rainfall and hydrometric data, detected by Siap+Micros instruments, and on the technical reflections that were necessary once the dramatic phase of the Storm had ended. After the event, in fact, the concerted activities between Siap+Micros and Arpa Veneto made possible an effective evolution of the regional hydrometeorological network, with particular reference to the increased frequency of data transmission.

Figure 1 – Presentation of Siap+Micros at the Conference
Figure 2 – A frame from the Siap+Micros presentation

Photo Preview – Credits @ Consorzio di Bonifica Piave

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