SMarT CELLino: the new reference screen for air temperature and humidity measurements

SIAP+MICROS has expressed in its DNA for 100 years the utmost attention towards the issue of ongoing climate change and intends to have a prominent role as a world leader in the sector of meteorological monitoring systems, also for air temperature measurements, a true indicator of the problem that afflicts the entire planet. The indications of the World Meteorological Organization in this sense impose reflections that extend beyond the sensitive elements, affecting all the systems that can determine the quality of the measurements: the solar shields, designed to protect the temperature sensors, are an element of exceptional relevance capable of influencing, even significantly, the reliability of the findings.

Therefore, in order to be able to offer an effective contribution to the sector, SIAP+MICROS introduces SMarT CELLino, the new solar shield dedicated to very high precision thermometers, onto the market. This extraordinary device represents the culmination of years of research and development, and marks a turning point in the monitoring of variable air temperature, thanks to its innovative technology and its exclusive patented idea.

SMarT CELLino, created in collaboration with Marcellino Salvador, offers a solution of the highest technological level aimed at guaranteeing temperature probes maximum protection from solar radiation and absolute performance in terms of natural ventilation, determining a new benchmark in the sector. Thanks to its cutting-edge design and proprietary technology, the new SIAP+MICROS solar shield offers users a range of advantages, among which the extreme speed in detecting sudden changes in temperature and the high accuracy of measurements stand out offered by the high-profile sensors hosted, even in calm wind conditions (speeds below 1 m/s).

SMarT CELLino is the result of an incessant commitment to innovation and quality, and represents a further demonstration of SIAP+MICROS’ desire to offer its customers the highest technological level in the entire range of products and services made available in the system, with particular attention to the delicate topic of climate change.

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