Article in “Nord Est Sviluppo” (Italian magazine by Golfarelli Editore)

In the first issue of magazine “Nord Est Sviluppo”, published by Golfarelli Editore (web) and it’s enclosed in the “Il Giornale”, Italian national newspaper, there’s a broad interview released by Mr. Renato Maguolo, Siap+Micros’ CEO.

In the interview, significant and different themes of environmental interest are handled.
Siap+Micros, in order to maintain and improve its leadership in the market of environmental monitoring, offers its own solutions in support of Public and Private Authorities for measuring and monitoring of meteorological events which characterize climate and environment.

Below is the original article (in Italian),  here the English translation of the text


A Pilot project has just started, composed by installation and starting up of hydrologic station, hydro-meteorological and meteorological, in Peru for ANA (Autoridad Nacional de Agua): 001-2012-ANA-PMGRH/BM-BID.

Following the tender adjudication, and further contract stipulation among ANA and SIAP+MICROS, dated on December, 11th 2012, the project for Modernization and Management of Hydrologic Resource (PMGRH), which plans the supply, installation and starting up of a network for a total amount of 78 stations, of hydrological, hydro-meteorological and meteorological kind. This project has been quite totally funded by World Bank (WB) and in a little part also by Inter-american Bank for Development (BID).  The project is composed by the existing stations, or the supply of new stations, including altimetric bathymetry activity for water bodies, detail engineering, the realization of civil work and the supply and installation of stations complete with DA9000 model of SIAP+MICROS’ data logger, sensors for measure of temperature and relative humidity of the air, wind speed and wind direction, rain gauge and hydrometric level. Data transmission from the stations toward the SENAMHI’s EDP – Electronic Data Processing (SENAHMI – Meteorology and Hydrology National Service of Peru), will be made thanks to GOES satellite. SENAHMI, in collaboration with ANA, will be the final user for data coming from the network we are going to supply. The project assigned to SIAP+MICROS in Peru is the result of a continuous international cooperation among SIAP+MICROS and governmental authorities, particularly in Latin America and in Peru, are confirmed even accordingly to some other successful projects made in the past, in the same areas. Both yesterday and today, the dialogue with such experienced and demanding as ANA and SENAHMI, and collaboration with reliable partner (ADR TECNOLOGY), allows us to face and make with success some important projects. Even in this case we guess that the working team we composed will be able to realize, in expected time and way, a project considered as a landmark both for Peru and for the whole international community.