Installation of an ONDAMETRIC BUOY – placed in GIANNUTRI

According to the technological updating and upgrading and the maintenance of Hydrological Service of Tuscany Region (SIRT), SIAP+MICROS installed 3 miles offing the site of isola di Giannutri [Giannutri’s Island] (SW side) a monitoring system for wave motion arranged in this way:

•  Ondametric Buoy
•  Data Receiving System

Buoy is placed on a sea bottom at about 140m depth and the system is able to return the following parameters:

•  wave highness
•  wave direction
•  wave cycle
•  wave energy spectrum
•  water temperature

which are sent to a main room placed on the main land (in Ansedonia) via Radio and in option via IRIDIUM satellite transmition.

Data, every 1/2 hout, are displayed in a graphic way in the page dedicated to Mareography on Tuscany Region the page.

Monitoring has been starting on December 6th, 2013.