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With great pride we inform our customers that nowadays SIAP+MICROS can offer, in collaboration with the CNR IRPI of Turin, a reliable and advanced monitoring of debris abd mud flows, named ALMOND-F. For a description of this new application is deferred to the page LINK ALMOND-F.

This monitoring system was presented at the XII IAEG Congress in Turin and as you can see from the following articles that mention it, it has aroused great interest in the experiments and in the public sector. These hazardous events, they are almost typical issues, and now with ALMOND-F is possible to intervene in order to alert people and vehicles in time to save lives, as well as being able to study in detail the phenomenon in order to predict possible measures for the prevention and mitigation of the same.

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We proudly announce you that Siap+Micros is going to be present at IAEG XII Congress “International Association of Engineering Geology and the Environment” 2014 from September 15th, 2014 to September 19th, 2014, for the 50th anniversary of this popular event.

This international event of big relevance will take place in Italy, in Turin, at Lingotto Conference Centre and it will patronized by the International Association of Engineering Geology and the Environment”, and also UNESCO, ISPRA and Piemonte Region.

IAEG Italia

During the Congress, Siap+Micros will present the Scientific Community the innovative monitoring system for debris and mud flow (see PDF presentation), and this system was designed by SIAP+MICROS together with CNR IRPI Torino. The system will be hardly shown during the Congress and it will be even available at the booth which will be occupied by CNR IRPI Torino and us, referring to European project named SedAlp.

For further information, please visit the exhibition web site: http://www.iaeg2014.com/.