SIAP+MICROS expands its presence in the “CIS” community of Independent States: KYRGYZSTAN

The last July 29, 2015 was signed a contract for the supply and services between our Company and the Agency for Hydrometeorology under the Ministry of Emergency Situation of the Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzhydromet) for “Restructuring of the network of meteorological monitoring with supply and installation of instrumentation hardware and software for a new center for the acquisition and data processing”.

Subject of the international tender is the supply and installation of 35 Meteorological stations and 2 Hydrological stations complete with data transmission system via GSM/GPRS. In two stations snow-weather is also provided the communication system Iridium satellite and radio HF.

The contract provides for the turnkey supply comprising the service design and installation “on site” in addition to maintenance services for the next two years to testing.

This network of stations will be paired up with the former network of stations of the mechanical type and will facilitate the use of data by experts for the weather forecast in that area.

We believe this new committed interesting because it allows us to expand the presence of SIAP+MICROS in the CIS countries, former Soviet Union, to continue in the process of expansion to the inspiration that our company is conducting successfully for years.

New certification ISO 14001:2004

With pride we inform our customers that SIAP+MICROS has recently reached the voluntary certification ISO 14001: 2004, for company process management under the environmental impact’s control.

In this way SIAP+MICROS, in addition to the Company’s mission of providing quality and esteemed solutions, has set environmental goals with the commitment of continuous improvement of production processes.

See PDF certificate

DA15K, new Siap+Micros datalogger

Given the positive feedback received directly from the market concernig the DA9000 data logger with embedded O.S. Windows CE , the Company decided to invest further in the development of a new data logger, the DA15K which significantly improves the already excellent previous series.

The features of the new data logger will be an international reference in terms of versatility and accuracy of measurement.

Here the features of the DA15K data logger:

•  Embedded O.S. Windows CE 6.0, easy both to configure and to program
•  High capacity of networking through a large number of communication interfaces (RS232, RS485, SDI-12, Ethernet, Can bus and One Wire)
•  Great versatility and accuracy in analog acquisitions: All analog channels (as many as 20 in the basic configuration) with 24-bit resolution
•  High number of digital inputs of different types which also include the measurement of variable reluctance sensors and sinusoidal signals (generators)
•  VERY LOW CONSUMPTION: < 20mA during acquisition •  Battery Charger Integrated •  Integrated charge controller for solar panels up to 120W and maximum current 10A •  Measurement of the current charge of the battery (diagnostic efficiency panel) •  Measurement of system current consumption (diagnostic consumption) •  1 additional controlled power supply (ON / OFF), maximum power (5A) •  Prepared to integrate module xG and GPS

All the previously described features make the DA15K a very versatile and efficient acquisition device for every purpose, especially in applications where a very high measurement performances are requested, specially on systems powered by solar panel

June, 25th & 26th 2015 conference about Siap+Micros’ new products

Convegno 25/26-06-2015

On June 25th and 26th was held in SIAP+MICROS a conference for the presentation of both new products and systems developed by the company.
the presentation involved the closest collaborators, who had got a preview of the following new products and systems:

•  DA15K Data logger
•  WINSON Ultrasonic Anemometer
•  ANYlogg Acquisition system and communication
•  Tipping bucket Rain Gauge, with 200cm² funnel area
•  TLR Radar Level sensor
•  ALMOND System-F
•  Systems for monitoring marine weather

The Company thanks all participants for subscription and the interest shown during the meeting.

WINSON – New Siap+Micros sonic anemometer

After a long R&D period, SIAP+MICROS is proud to present to its customers the ultrasonic anemometer sensor: WINSON.

WINSON has been entirely designed and developed by SIAP+MICROS to meet the increasingly frequent request of anemometers with no moving parts.

WINSON belongs to the medium-high segment, aimed to professional applications, at a very competitive price.

Here are the features of the product:

•  High accuracy measurement due to the possibility to have got up to 6 sonic measurements at the same time
•  Ability to measure also in case of obstruction of one axis, unlike the competition
•  Reduced NACA airfoil of the dishes due to the turbulence reduction
•  Adequate distance between the dishes with the aim to lengthen the sonic paths
•  Standard version equipped with thermostatically controlled heaters placed on measuring heads, whose use is completely programmable
•  Standard version equipped with multiple electrical outputs: RS232, RS485, SDI-12 and analog 0-2Vdc, all simultaneously available for a greater versatility and diagnostic
•  Standard version equipped with electronic compass, which can be actived on demand and it could be useful in any case during installation.