Malawi - StemmaAfter successful projects in Ethiopia, Botswana, Uganda, Libya, SIAP+MICROS signs the contract with Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development of the Republic of Malawi for “Supply and Installation of the Equipment and Associated Construction of Small Civil Works for Modernising Hydrological and Meteorological Monitoring Systems in the Shire River Basin” under the World Bank funding.

The work to be done under this Contract consists of the supply of hydrological and meteorological equipment and services necessary for the complete construction and placing in operation of all related equipment.

The contract includes delivery of SIAP+MICROS meteorological and hydrological systems, which provide dataloggers DA15K, data acquisition and transmission systems AnyLogg, pressure, temperature and humidity, radar level, wind speed and direction sensors and tipping bucket rain-gauges. The contract also includes integration services, training, development of meteorological software and water quality monitoring equipment.

Under this contract, SIAP+MICROS will supply and install 25 gauging stations, 35 AWS (automatic weather stations), 32 ARL (automatic rainfall loggers) and 12 hydrological stations in the Shire River Basin.

In this project SIAP+MICROS will establish a high quality nation-wide meteorological and hydrological infrastructure in Malawi. Deliveries will start in the second half of ’16 and will be completed during a year.