Supply of Meteorologial Equipment for “Climate Information and Prospective Development Project (PDIPC) of direction of national meteorology of ministry of transportation of the republic of the Niger

SIAP+MICROS is pleased to announce the signing of the contract with Direction of National Meteorology of Ministry of Transportation (Direction De La Meteorologie Nationale – Ministere Des Transports) of the Republic of the Niger.

The Government of the Republic of Niger received a grant from the Climate Investment Fund (CIF) administered by the African Development Bank (ADB) to cover the cost of the Climate Information and Prospective Development Project (PDIPC) and intends to allocate a portion of the proceeds of this donation to market related payments for the acquisition of equipment for meteorological stations.

Within the framework of this project, SIAP+MICROS will supply the automatic weather observation equipment, which is composed of:

    •  26 automatic synoptic stations;
    •  39 automated agro-meteorological stations;
    •  A system of collection, processing and archiving of data that includes two servers (normal / backup).

The project includes also training in installation, use, configuration and diagnostic processes of automatic weather stations. SIAP+MICROS together with the partner will provide the necessary technical support also in the supervision of the installation process to ensure maximum autonomy in the use of the equipment provided to the client.
Our company is confident that this project will be the beginning of a long-term and fruitful cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and with the Government of the Republic of the Niger.