New MicroDA datalogger: the future, the present, the past

Siap+Micros broadens its variety of products for data acquisition systems launching MicroDA, a new forefront datalogger, which can easily allow to achieve maximum flexibility and computing capacity.

The frequent need in monitoring applications is to obtain precision and reliability without the use of a large number of interfaces. For this reason, Siap+Micros has designed and developed this new datalogger, which can ensure high precision standards while keeping Micro:

    •  dimensions;
    •  consumption;
    •  price.

MicroDA ensures a high flexibility of use and can acquire signals in current, voltage, resistance (Pt100), or digital signals (frequency, counter or status). Thanks to the ARM Cortex processor (32 bit) the datalogger has significantly reduced consumption, with respect to the dataloggers with a comparable computing capacity. This feature makes the device very suitable even for applications where could be difficult to provide power supply properly.
Furthermore, the new MicroDA represents also a data transmission device and can be supplied with an incorporated LTE modem.