Regional council of Campania Region – “Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the real time and supplementary meteo-hydrological monitoring network”

Siap+Micros has just begun the activities for the technological upgrading of the real time monitoring network in Campania Region. The system is composed of 190 stations and 20 repeaters, each one connected to the others by means of an UHF radio transmission.

The overall Project concerns the upgrade of the actual communication infrastructure by implementing the use of Modbus-RTU, an openly published and royalty-free standard protocol. Moreover, the activities will consist also of replacing most of the present dataloggers, and upgrading the operational control centre.
The technological upgrade will allow the regional Civil Protection to enhance the polling time interval bringing it up to 10 min.

RAVENNA PORT – Supply, installation and maintenance of a tidal and meteorological monitoring system compliant with WMO and ISPRA standards

Siap+Micros is glad to announce the beginning of services for the “Port System Authority for the central and northern Adriatic Sea”, regarding the supply and maintenance of a meteorological and oceanographic real time monitoring system.

Siap+Micros has proposed and adopted a solution which includes data transmission by optical fibre, in order for the Port Authority to enhance the efficiency of data communication not only for the environmental monitoring, but also for the maritime traffic management. Furthermore, a control centre will be equipped with Polaris WEB, a specific software accurately designed by Siap+Micros for the management and supervision of meteorological monitoring networks.

Generally, the system is composed of 4 meteorological stations, 1 meteorological station equipped with visibility sensor, 5 tidal stations (tides and water quality monitoring) and 3 more stations specifically implemented to detect sea currents with ADCP sensor. Siap+Micros will achieve together with Engineering S.r.l. all the optical fibre connections between the monitoring stations and the operational centre located in Ravenna Port.

Besides, all data collected will be freely accessible to the public by a proper web page at the following link:

Thanks to this project Siap+Micros is proud to confirm once again its well-known quality, professionalism and compliance with WMO and ISPRA (Superior Institute for environmental protection and research) standards.

Hydrological monitoring system of Fosso Vallerano creek

Siap+Micros Spa is glad to announce that the contract with the property management company of the BNP Paribas bank group has been signed. The project concerns the installation of a hydraulic monitoring system of the Fosso Vallerano creek, located in the south of Rome.

The system to be installed will be composed by several hydrological and meteorological monitoring stations, each one connected to a data storage and collection centre by means of a UMTS/GPRS and radio transmission system. This project is contextualized in a wider one for the hydraulic risk’s mitigation of Roma-EUR district, which also includes construction projects for the containment of Tevere river floods.

Monitoring and warning system for Rudan creek in Vodo di Cadore (Belluno – Dolomites)

Siap+Micros is going to install a monitoring and alarm system for debris flow for the awarded contract “Sistema di monitoraggio e allarme del Rio Rudan in Comune di Vodo di Cadore (BL)”. The whole system has been entirely designed by Siap+Micros, thanks to its professional and expert team.

The Rudan creek springs in the top of Antelao Mountain, and it develops then all along the Mountain further down reaching Vodo di Cadore village, located in the heart of Dolomites. When heavy rainfall occurs, Rudan creek can be easily subject to debris flows, a natural event that can be very dangerous not only to the population of the village, but also to “51 di Alemagna”road. A double system has been thoroughly designed in order to enhance the level of accuracy and efficiency of the overall monitoring: upstream a rain gauge station will be installed to detect rain trends in the valley and estimate the effect of rainfalls on the debris flow phenomenon, whereas a specific alert system will be implemented downstream.

When the event takes place, the system triggers the drills located on the Peaio watchtower and the road’s traffic lights. All these devices are connected by a double data transmission system GSM/Radio, and the whole system is controlled by the operational centre of ARPAV located in Marghera. The monitoring system will protect both the road and the population of Vodo di Cadore.

AGU Fall Meeting 2019

For the first time in history Osmos (France), Siap + Micros (Italy) and San Lien (Taiwan) will be togheter at the largest international science meeting: AGU in the USA.

The event will be held in San Francisco (USA) from 9 to 13 December 2019 at the Moscone Center. During this event there will be important institutions such NASA and NOAA, various research centers, universities and private companies for discussing and analyzing climate changes and how to monitore & forecast them.

We will be at both 1311 Floor Plan for showing you the solutions of the international OSL group (Osmos, Siap + Micros and San Lien) as well as discuss any future developments and projects.

For more information, visit the AGU website AGU Fall Meeting.