Siap+Micros technology helping farmers

The agro-meteorogical network of Condifesa TVB has been strengthened in the Vicenza area

Siap+Micros agro-meteorological station in Gambellara (VI)

At the beginning of August Siap+Micros strengthened the agro-meteorological monitoring network which will lead the Condifesa TVB consortium to have more than sixty stations to measure environmental parameters. The real-time data collected will improve the insurance and phytosanitary services of Condifesa TVB and will be made available to the members through a new portal, accessible from the Condifesa TVB website.

Since mid-2018, with the incorporation of almost 10,000 companies in the agricultural and livestock sectors of the Belluno, Treviso and Vicenza areas, Condifesa TVB has become one of the top 5 organisations at national level.

The new stations were installed with an innovative and ecological technique of fixing, through screw foundations without the use of concrete. This technique uses patented conical steel poles that allow the total restoration of the places, without contaminating the ground in any way.

Data monitoring will allow Condifesa TVB to:

– create a historical archive that highlights the meteorological and climatic characteristics and phenomena that are recorded during the entire year;

– participate in the regional activity of Guided and Integrated Defense for agricultural crops in the area, with the aim of minimising the use of pesticides;

– apply AI systems to the agro-meteorological network.

G.G. 08/20