Green light for the russian market

From the first of September 2020 Siap+Micros is a certified supplier for the public administrations of the Russian Federation

Official site of the national register of certified instruments

In order to supply measurement systems to Russian public administrations, products must be registered in a special national register, kept by the “Federal Information Fund for guaranteeing uniformity of measurements”.
To enter this register, the products must pass a series of control and verification tests that certify their consistency with what is declared by the manufacturer and their compliance with the standards of Russian national regulations.

The headquarters of the Institute of Metrology in St. Petersburg.

Tests are carried out by a few authorized laboratories throughout the Federation. Siap+Micros has obtained certification from the important Institute for Metrology based in St. Petersburg, dedicated to Dmitri Mendeleev, the great scientist to whom we owe the periodic table of elements. Even today the Institute is located in the historic facility built in 1842 for the Imperial Office of Weights and Measures, of which Mendeleev was the director from 1892 until his death (1907).

The Mendeleev monument and periodic table

Thanks to this certification, Siap+Micros will be able to intensify its action in the Russian market, not only in the private sector, which has been followed in the last years, but now also in the public one, being able to compete in the tenders of state administrations.

GG 09/20

August 29th, Rudan creek: danger avoided!

Strong storms on the mount Antelao have triggered a large debris flow. The protection system of Arpa Veneto, created by Siap+Micros, promptly alerted citizens: no harm to people.

Bridle in Peajo di Cadore (ph. courtesy of “L’Amico del Popolo”)

The system, delivered in early may, showed an excellent responsiveness to the first real life test. Some nocturnal signs had been noticed by the supervisor in the Siap+Micros technical assistance center in San Fior (TV) who, on Saturday morning had promptly issued a notice to the municipality of Vodo di Cadore, to the Genio Civile and to Arpa Veneto protection authority. A tensioning spike on one of the cables along the Rudan creek gully indicated some initial debris movement. Late in the afternoon, following another strong storm at high altitude, the debris began to accumulate and accelerate downstream. Here the alarm was launched automatically by the Siap+Micros data loggers. You can see on YouTube a time-lapse  of the frames recorded by the webcam on the bridle before and after the arrival of the debris flow.

Synoptic plot with mm of rain together with cable strain values

As planned, the traffic lights on the cycle path and in via Marconi immediately turned red. The siren placed on the bell tower has started to sound to warn the citizens of Peajo of the danger. The mayor, Domenico Belfi, who was already monitoring the situation through the webcams placed on the detection stations along the stream and on the bridle, immediately went to the place. «The debris came down in waves», says Belfi, «and we temporarily closed the road. I called the civil protection group as well as the volunteer firefighters from Borca-Vodo. Councilor Nicola De Lorenzo went to the bridge of the cycle path to make sure that no one passed despite the traffic light being red. Having stabilized the situation, I turned off the siren ». (Read the article published in the Corriere delle Alpi on Sunday 30 August 2020).

The bulldozer already at work taken from the webcam on the bridle

After the alarm, the regional councilor for civil protection Gianpaolo Bottacin also promptly intervened.

We were pleased for the perfect functioning of the system and now we’ll work immediately for the restoration. The bulldozers are already working on the bridle to remove debris.
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GG 09/20