Siap+Micros awarded by Intesa San Paolo bank on “winning bussinesses 2021” project

SIAP+MICROS received an extraordinary recognition in the “Imprese Vincenti 2021” project organized by Banca Intesa in partnership with Cerved, Microsoft Italia, Bain&Company, Élite, Gambero Rosso, Nativa, Circularity and Coldiretti, in which partecipated more than 3500 companies.
The Company was awarded in the Innovation, Research and Development category, thanks to its constant commitment to the search for cutting-edge solutions to meet customer needs.
Through an editorial, the newspaper La Repubblica of 27/09/2021 presents the prize that Banca Intesa awarded to 112 companies, including SIAP+MICROS SpA , out of 3,500 Italian companies. “The winning companies are those that, despite everything (international crisis linked to the Covid emergency and consequent lockdown), manage to grow, keep jobs, implement digital, organizational and business transformations, invest in sustainable solutions on an economic and environmental level”.

An extraordinary success whose merit is also to be recognized to the customers who have chosen SIAP+MICROS S.p.A. to support their challenges and offered the stimuli and projects on which to grow, innovate and increase the numerical and training level of the human resources employed in the company.
For this reason this award is dedicated by Siap + Micros S.p.A. to all customers who have believed in the proposed projects and technological solutions and who constantly stimulate the company to strive for excellence.