The Pianura Friulana land reclamation consortium chooses Siap+Micros spa products and services

The widespread hydrological network of the Friulian territory

At the beginning of last year, the Pianura Friulana Reclamation Consortium, with the need to adapt and extend the monitoring and remote control network of its derivative system, launched a public tender. The technical proposals of Siap+Micros spa were judged the best among those presented also by the other participants, all of a high level and, after the official signing of the contract at the end of November, Siap+Micros spa is now preparing to start the installation of the stations in the field.
The consortium is equipped with an existing network of about 150 hydrometric monitoring stations to which the new 134 stations object of the tender will be added, which will lead the Consortium to have one of the state-of-the-art monitoring systems and one of the largest at national level. The various existing control systems, inherited from the two consortia Ledra Tagliamento and Bassa Friulana which, by merging, gave life to the “Pianura Friulana”, will continue to exist but will be integrated with the new stations covered by the contract, in a single homogeneous supervisory control and data acquisition system.

A glimpse of the rural environment with irrigation canals

To reduce the overall dimensions in the field, the carpentry and sensor supports were designed ad hoc, with the aim of making them as “miniaturized” as possible, minimizing the impact on the territory and keeping the precious tools “camouflaged” from any malicious or vandals’ eyes. Where the ground will make it possible, innovative anchoring systems with “screw foundation” plinths will be used, which avoid the use of concrete in delicate rural ecosystems. The very low consumption of the dataloggers MicroDA will allow them to work with small standard lithium batteries, without the need to hoist large photovoltaic panels on high-height poles.

Intake works on the Tagliamento river at Ospedaletto

The supply also includes the updating of the automation systems in the main hydraulic nodes, located in the Ledra and Tagliamento rivers, from which the Consortium derives the water that is then introduced into the vast network of irrigation canals. With this important contract Siap+Micros spa consolidates its presence in the “market” of the Land Reclamation Consortia, as well as strengthening and, almost, completing the service to the territory of the nearby region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, where the company already deals with maintenance of the important monitoring network of the Civil Protection (thanks to the award of the tender we wrote about in a recent news ).