Siap+Micros in support of a new scientific project of ​​Ispra and Ismar-CNR

The new buoy and the CNR platform

The update of the national wave network (RON) which, in 2020, was only a project (we had written about it in a previous news) has been in operation for more than a year now. All the data captured by the buoy instrumentation are accessible to anyone on the ISPRA site .
In mid-March, a new buoy was launched, integrated into the RON, moored near the “Acqua Alta” platform of the CNR (Italian National Research Council), which is located 8 miles off the Venetian shores. The project involves the study of data from the buoy on-board systems compared in real time with an advanced stereo photogrammetric system present on the CNR platform. The study will be able to give new and valuable information on the behavior of the buoys, useful not only for those of the Italian network, but for all oceanographic buoys in the world.
More information in the article and in the video published by ISPRA (Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research).

Partnership with Teconer Oy for road safety

Optical surface sensor

Siap+Micros has signed an agreement with Teconer Oy (Finland) aimed to integrate the proven technologies of non contact road surface conditions monitoring into SIAP+Micros solutions which are successfully used by road authorities in Italy and abroad. The possibility of continuous measurement of essential road surface safety parameters including presence of moisture and ice, contamination layer thickness and friction permit to detect and foresee dangerous conditions, timely perform road treatment and evaluate its effect keeping the traffic safety at highest level, reducing use of de-icing reagents an its negative environmental impact.

Siap+Micros monitoring solutions with integrated Teconer road surface sensors set a new quality standard not only in land transportation sector but also in aviation where they can be used for runway conditions monitoring.

Runway conditions monitoring

Siap+Micros as official Supplier of the National Meteorological Network of Bangladesh

The delegations of Ministry of Defence & Bangladesh Meteorological Department

Siap+Micros strengthens its presence in Asia thanks to an important project for the supply and installation of the National Meteorological Network of Bangladesh. This is the result of a successful international procurement financed by the World Bank.
The Contracting Authority, the Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD), has been guest of the Italian company for a technical training about the equipment supplied for the Contract. The purpose of the activity was to learn the basics of station instrumentation and remote management software of the Meteorological Network, in order to have the knowledge and the capability to ensure the network to be managed independently in the future. To achieve this goal the best engineers and meteorologists of BMD took part to the training and enthusiastically worked in close contact with Siap+Micros’ team.

A moment of the training

Together with the training activity, the visit program included a meeting with some members of the body to which the BMD refers to, the Bangladesh Ministry of Defence. Further to the presentation of the most forefront technologies and the most important projects implemented by Siap+Micros, practical visits were organized at various installation sites in order to share and exchange information on the respective experiences in the field of environmental monitoring and early warning systems for natural disasters.
As soon as it is completed, the Bangladesh Meteorological National Network will count a total of 225 stations distributed throughout the Country, amount that makes the project the most important ever implemented by Siap+Micros on the Asian continent.