ISPRA confirms SIAP+MICROS as a technological partner for the management of the National Tidal Networks

Monitoring station at Strombolicchio

ISPRA (Italian National Network for the Environmental Protection) selects Siap+Micros as a supplier for the maintenance and assistance service for the management of the Tidal Network of the Venice Lagoon and the National Tidal Network. An important result that confirms the leadership of SIAP + MICROS in marine weather monitoring.
In addition to the specific services for the maintenance and management of the networks, this contract is characterized by the supply of an innovative WEB portal for the publication of all the data acquired by the ISPRA monitoring networks including the National Wave metering Network and the National Alert System Network for tsunamis generated by earthquakes.
As part of the contract, a new feature will also be implemented that will allow to compare the data trace generated by the astronomical tides of the Venice Lagoon with the real measurement acquired by the stations. Based on the astronomical value and the real data, graphs and/or images will be generated to be published both for forecasting purposes, therefore in advance of the occurrence of the event, and during its occurrence.

Tide forecast chart

The ISPRA tidal networks have an overall consistency of 62 stations, of which 26 pertaining to the tidal network of the Venice Lagoon, while the national tidal network consists of 36 sites distributed along the national coasts. The tidal networks have a variable set of sensors for measuring the tide level, for measuring waves (height and wave period) as well as the main meteorological parameters such as rain, wind, atmospheric pressure, temperature and relative humidity of the air. All stations are equipped with different communication systems based on network density and data connection priority (GSM/xG, UHF Radio and IRIDIUM satellite). Some GNSS and ADCP stations integrate the monitoring networks.