Siap+Micros in support of a new scientific project of ​​Ispra and Ismar-CNR

The new buoy and the CNR platform

The update of the national wave network (RON) which, in 2020, was only a project (we had written about it in a previous news) has been in operation for more than a year now. All the data captured by the buoy instrumentation are accessible to anyone on the ISPRA site .
In mid-March, a new buoy was launched, integrated into the RON, moored near the “Acqua Alta” platform of the CNR (Italian National Research Council), which is located 8 miles off the Venetian shores. The project involves the study of data from the buoy on-board systems compared in real time with an advanced stereo photogrammetric system present on the CNR platform. The study will be able to give new and valuable information on the behavior of the buoys, useful not only for those of the Italian network, but for all oceanographic buoys in the world.
More information in the article and in the video published by ISPRA (Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research).