Siap+Micros joins Giornate dell’Idrologia 2022

Figura 1 – flyer of the event

From 9th to 11th November 2022, at the noble floor of Villa Cambiaso in Genoa (IT), the Giornate dell’Idrologia event will take place. It is organized by the Italian Hydrological Society together with the University of Genoa .
The “Italian Hydrological Society” aims to favor the progress, enhancement and diffusion of the Hydrological Sciences. In particular, the SII aims to stimulate coordination and interdisciplinary collaboration in research aimed at the qualitative and quantitative description of the components of the hydrological cycle. Relevant topics are:
– ground and satellite hydrometeorological monitoring;
– the early warning and mitigation of the effects of exceptional hydro-meteorological events;
– sustainable planning and management of water resources, also in a context of global changes.

Figura 2 – crosslight linked to the ALMOND-F system

In this framework, SIAP + MICROS, in addition to sponsoring the above event, will present a work entitled “The ALMOND-F system (ALarm and MONitoring system for Debris-Flow): application to a real case and inspiration for new challenges of systems integration “[A. Stevanin, G. Ceccarini, A. Fedi].

The speech will be the first scheduled intervention for November 11th and will be focused on debris flows: for this type of events, thanks to the fruitful collaboration with CNR IRPI , a composite instrument based on microseismic monitoring has been developed. It has been obtained through the integration of technology created by the company and algorithmic component developed by researchers. The result of this joint work currently represents a unicum in its field of application.

ALMOND-F includes in a single multifunctional solution (in the standard version) level sensors, video camera and three geophones, in relation to monitoring side. As regards the alert component, on the other hand, the ALMOND-F outputs can generate alarms and consequently activate crosslights and/or sound systems capable of transmitting the temporary criticality level to the population near the instrument.

Figura 3 – effects of the Debris Flow, August 5th, 2022 in Courmayeur (AO)

A complete solution is installed and used at the Municipality of Courmayeur (AO). During a thunderstorm event on August 5th, 2022, it detected the formation of a Debris flow at the Rochefort stream, in Val Ferret, along which the sensors are arranged. Several minutes before the arrival of the wavefront in the section of interest, ALMOND-F turned on the traffic lights upstream and downstream of the stretch of road that could have been affected by the phenomenon. Before the invasion of the street level by boulders and mud, cars in the area were therefore stopped, thus avoiding possible serious consequences.

From this event, where ALMOND-F has shown excellent performances, comes the dual possibility of:
– face new monitoring and alerting challenges on the same theme of debris flows, further refining the algorithmic component of the tool;
– propose the model of collaboration between the company and research bodies targetting new solutions in other fields of application.