Dear Customer,

all of us are experiencing a new challenge which makes us worried about our dears’ and ourself’s health, and about our future.
This new and hidden enemy is imposing us to change our way of living, thinking and working.
Nevertheless, we as Siap+Micros’ men and women are determined to keep on putting our Customer at the heart of everything.

So, the Company has recently decided to rearrange the activities of the Sales Department and guarantee its personnel full capacity to operate, in respect of all the people, families and employers involved in public utilities, preserving their lives, health and safety.
Specifically, Siap+Micros has agreed to temporarily suspend visits made in person. We are keen to tell you that Siap+Micros is always present and available on ZOOM and SKYPE platforms in order to guarantee high standards of service also in this hard and difficult moments.

We’ll go through all this safely, together.