Siap+Micros broaden its product line with the new datalogger: DA22K

2022, December

SIAP+MICROS displays to the Customers the cutting-edge DA22K datalogger in order to keep a high level of technological innovation on its products. The DA22K is the last model of the DA datalogger series and it is equipped with embedded Linux operating system which is run by Yocto Kirkstone (LTS) version 5.15 Kernel. This products represents the first example of data acquisition system entirely based on the Linux structure and it simbolyzes a crucial milestone on the recent developments of new loggers with high computational capacity. In fact, this device will be shortly flanked to the GigaSUM (

The DA22K keeps the ultra reliable hardware which is the result of 13 years of experience in the improvements to the DA series, confirmed by thounsands of installations and satisfied Clients all around the world.

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