Sanlien adopts S+M instruments to monitor the cable-stayed Thanarat Bridge sited in Pong Sawai, Thailand.

In these days Sanlien Technology Corp., one of the companies that hold the ownership of Siap+Micros S.p.A., has implemented in the field the monitoring system of the Thanarat cable-stayed bridge, located in Pong Sawai in Thailand.

Sanlien Technology has extensive experience in monitoring global infrastructure projects. The company’s measurement instruments and data acquisition system are widely used for bridge monitoring, including structural health and seismic monitoring, and typically form part of a set of devices capable of covering a wide range of monitoring topics, from structural mechanics to complex bridge structures.

In the application case of the Thanarat cable-stayed bridge, Sanlien has included Siap+Micros-branded technological solutions in the installed instrumentation, including data loggers, sensors and monitoring software, taking advantage of the wide range of solutions offered by our company and also visible through our new website.

Fig. 1 – Products section in the new S+M’s website.

Fig.2 – details of the Thanarat Bridge.

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